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The Hobbit
Richahrd Armitage
Luke Evans
Martin Freeman
Jesse Eisenberg
Game Of Thrones
Heath Ledger
The Chronicals Of Narnia

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Closeup/Detail shots of my Lord of the Rings + Hobbit box set books.

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Harington has his own flat now in North London, where his neighbours include Simon Pegg, but has barely seen it as his is ‘a nomadic life’. ‘I’m a Camden boy really but I’m edging into that thirties life where you go out to dinner parties instead. I really am living the stereotype of an actor in London. I live near Crouch End, where you get stuck behind ten actors pushing buggies. But I don’t need a big house — I haven’t got kids, I haven’t got a wife, I haven’t got a dog. I do want to have children, but my parents had me when they were in their forties. I’d like to copy that.’  (x)

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Misty Mountains rap by Mark & Jed ft. Dean [x]

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Top 5 Villains (in no particular order):

#1 Harley Quinn

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favourite moments at HobbitCon [12/a lot]

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Okay, should we get some coffee?
Sure. Where?

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